To schedule a colon cleansing session or sauna appointment, email, fill out the form below, phone 510-847-7318 or send a text message.

Address: 1962 University Avenue, ste 2, Berkeley, CA 94704.

We are Between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Milvia street on the south side of the street facing U.C. Berkeley, on the second floor. Both bells ring everyone.

Hours of operation: Seven days a week by appointment.

Parking is very difficult in this area. However, there is available parking by turning left on Milvia coming from the freeway then taking an immediate right on Berkeley Way. There is a parking lot there that you can pay to park for up to 4 hours. Also, there is two hour free parking, in what is called the E sticker zone; they are green signs. Be careful of red and white signs—read them. There are one hour metered zones in front of the building, (I can help feed your meter if needed.)  Please bring change or a card for meter if you don't want to walk. Come early to find parking.

Thank You!